Avatar of Chesh: An elf wearing a witches hat, red straight hair, multiple piercings and artwork on their body.


I’m Chesh, I currently doing art and learning design aspects books have, such as design elements that is added into them.

I am currently a university student and I am going into Publishing, mainly Graphic Design.
I do artwork on the side for fun.
(I’ll open my commission sheet soon!)

This currently is showcasing some work I’ve done as well as sharing information about books. I like learning about book design or learning information for storytelling. I’m usually seen reading fictional books, often manga at this time. I love rainy days.

Everyone is welcome to rest here in this quaint little nook.


To become an artist with a compelling fictional story that is relatable. 

Hope to have the reader to feel calm, rested and recharged.


To be known as a modern storyteller who helps people cope with reality.


No bad endings – Most to all ending will be well thought out

Reward in reading – Will be short storylines (or be given a section on page where you can view that story)

No politics

No religion

All content mentioned that isn’t mine is not promoted and are honest mentions (I get nothing from telling you about them)